Program Saringan Kesihatan PERKESO

The SOCSO Workers' Health Promotion Seminar 2014



Employees are the most prized asset that a company has. They determine the success of the venture, productivity and sustainability of the business. The government and businesses had long realized the importance of maintaining employees health, thus the medical benefits provided throughout their employment. However, with the changing of demographics and disease pattern, the approach to maintain employees’ health will also need to adapt towards employees’ wellness.


The goal of the Workers’ Health Promotion Seminar 2014 is to highlight the importance of encouraging employees to take proactive steps towards maintaining their own health. This can be by undertaking various activities such as exercise, healthy diet, workplace health initiatives and many others. However an integral part of taking steps to maintain one’s own health is to know their own health status. This is where health screening plays an important role.


The majority of the stake holders invited during the seminar are employers, health care providers and employees representative. There will be papers presented to highlight the status of health and health screening trend among Malaysian employees, workplace health interventions and perspectives shared by caregivers and employers. At the end of this seminar, we will hold a forum with the stakeholders to the further discuss on issues of health screening and employee’s health initiatives.


It is hoped that this inaugural Workers’ Health Promotion Seminar will be able to bridge the gap between employers, healthcare providers and employees to take the initial steps towards sustaining health among Malaysia employees. It is within this pretext that the seminar is themed.





Employees' Health Care


Datuk Hj Shamsuddin

Employees’ Health Condition in Malaysia


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Victor Hoe

GPs Role in Wokers' Health


Dr. Ganabaskaran

KOSPEN framework


Dr. Zainal Ariffin

Sharing Experience_The NKF LifeCheck Health Screening


Puan Maznifah Fatah

The SOCSO Health Screening Program, Trend and Usage


Dr. Azlan Darus